New Moons are the perfect time for a stop and reset in life. If there has been something you have been thinking about pursuing or changes you need to make the new moon is a great time to start these. Especially with New Years Day in the rear view it’s a great time to enforce your new year’s resolution.

So what’s special about THIS new moon?

Every New Moon occurs in a zodiac sign which has a direct impact o the types of energies that will manifest. Aquarius rules the 11th in Astrology which is connected to relationships of all kinds. A new moon in Aquarius is the perfect time to re-evaluate your relationships and cut ties that no longer serve you. (We have a spell for that over here) It’s always a great idea to check on these resolutions two weeks later on the full moon!

On a more positive note, this moon can bring a reminder to check in those you feel closest to and reinforce those bonds.

Aquarius is also ruled by Saturn traditionally, so this moon is a good time to reflect on your daily routines and structures. Saturn is associated with maturity, responsibility, discipline, and stewardship. Set intentions to commit to the life you want to live, and how that may look. You could make a vision board to help with this!

Don’t forget if you have Aquarius as your Sun, Moon, or Rising Sign, you’ll most likely feel the new moon energies more than most. That doesn’t mean the rest are off the hook. Everyone has Aquarius in their chart somewhere. Check your rising sign below to find out which area this energy might affect you more specifically.

  • Aries Rising – 11th House – General /All Relationships
  • Taurus Rising –  10th House – Career
  • Gemini Rising – 9th House –Higher Learning / Travel/ Beliefs
  • Cancer Rising – 8th House – Transformation, Rebirth, and Secrets
  • Leo Rising – 7th House – Partnerships and Marriage
  • Virgo Rising – 6th House – Health and Daily habits
  • Libra Rising  – 5th House – Creativity and Romance
  • Scorpio Rising – 4th House – Home and Security
  • Sagittarius Rising – 3rd house –  Communication
  • Capricorn Rising – 2nd House – Money and materialism
  • Aquarius Rising 1st House – Ego and self-image
  • Pisces Rising 12th House – Endings OR hidden strengths

For example, if you are a Taurus rising, the Aquarius and Saturn energies this new Moon will potentially affect your thoughts and feelings about your career.