Santa Muerte


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Santa Muerta is a personification of death.

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Santa Muerte

Nuestra Señora de la Santa Muerte (Spanish: “Our Lady of Holy Death”), often shortened to Santa Muerte, is a cult image, female deity, and folk saint in folk Catholicism and Mexican Neopaganism. A personification of death, she is associated with healing, protection, and safe delivery to the afterlife by her devotees. Unlike other saints who originated in Mexican folk Catholicism, Santa Muerte is not, herself, seen as a dead human being.

Originally appearing as a male figure, Santa Muerte now generally appears as a skeletal female figure, clad in a long robe and holding one or more objects, usually a scythe and a globe. Her scythe reflects her origins as the Grim Reaper and can represent the moment of death, when it is said to cut a silver thread. The scythe can symbolize the cutting of negative energies or influences. The globe represents Death’s vast power and dominion over the earth and may be seen as a kind of a tomb to which we all return.

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