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Lunar Tarot


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Manifest your dreams with the energy of the moon and wisdom of the tarot.

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Lunar Tarot — Jayne Wallace

Manifest your dreams with the energy of the moon and wisdom of the tarot

Tap into your lunar intuition and embrace the potent power of the Moon with this beautiful lunar-themed set of 78 cards and an accompanying book, stunningly illustrated by Julia Cellini.

Professional clairvoyant Jayne Wallace has entwined the ancient magic of the Tarot with the Moon’s wisdom to gain new insights into the cards and their meanings, as well as to help you plan your life according to the phases of the Moon. The book reveals the interpretations for both the Major and Minor Arcana and explains how to lay the cards. Packed with helpful advice and moon mantras, let this moonlit guide illuminate your journey and channel your dreams.

Jayne Wallace is the founder of Psychic Sisters, a team of clairvoyants, working from her concession at Selfridges department store in London. Jayne has worked as a professional clairvoyant since the age of 17. She writes regular columns for Spirit & DestinySoul & Spirit, and Fate & Fortune and is the author of several other tarot decks.

Julia Cellini is a watercolourist and illustrator whose work is inspired by the natural world and the local flora and fauna where she lives in Hawaii, USA.

  • Author: Jayne Wallace
  • Illustrated By: Julia Cellini
  • Contents: 78 cards and a guidebook

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