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Cultural Polyresin Statues

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Amber – Holistic Products Ireland

Here at Holistic Products Ireland, we stock a wonderfully large range of products from all around the world including beautiful jewelry from India and Morocco, singing bowls from Tibet, powerful and stunning healing crystals from South America, Incense from India, the bestselling Angel cards and books, natural organic oil,  to name a few.

Holistic Products Ireland offers all the alternative products one may need for meditation, healing, relaxation, sound healing, tarot, reading, etc. We believe in the power of positive energy so each and every product is sent with high vibrational intent, ensuring that your product is ready to use the minute you receive it.

We base our online shop on bringing you the highest quality products at affordable prices, enabling you to make your home holistic.

We provide shipping to Europe, Asia, and Australia / New Zealand, as well as free Irish delivery on orders over €60.00

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