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Rudraksha 108 Mala Beads – Dark


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Rudraksha beads, derived from the seeds of the Rudraksha tree, hold a profound spiritual significance in Hinduism and various other cultures.

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Rudraksha 108 Mala Beads – Dark

Mala Beads have been used in Buddhist and Hindu prayer ceremonies and meditations for centuries. They are typically used to aid in counting the number of repetitions of mantras or phrases and are traditionally made from Rudraksha seeds, such as these. You do not have to be of a particular religion to be allowed to use Mala Beads, though it should be noted to always pay respect and reverence to them. Your Mala Beads, for example, are never to be left on the floor. They must always be elevated in some way.

The Mala with 108 beads is used while reciting or singing the mantras. 108 is the ideal number for all kinds of purposes. It is important that our thoughts will be pure while reciting or singing the mantra. The power comes from repeating the mantra over and over again. This sound creates a unique spiritual imprint on the person who is reciting. They say that a mantra is like a human being; there are various stages to go through before reaching the final effect of “Purification of mental impressions.”

In addition to counting mantras or prayers, the Mala can also be used to count bows, walk-rounds, and so on.

  • Material: Rudraksha seeds, thread
  • Dimensions: Length 59 cm (excluding tassel) / Rudraksha seed Diameter 1.2 cm

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