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Moldavite Incense


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20 Moldavite Incense Sticks

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Moldavite Incense

Heaven and Earth’s Crystal incenses are made with 100% pure essential oils, hand-blended, and chosen to be energetically matched to Moldavite’s subtle energies. In addition, the oils used in these products are charged by soaking Moldavite crystals in them during their preparation.

The translucent green stone known as Moldavite is the only known gem from space. Scientifically classed as tektites, Moldavites fell in a shower over the Czech Republic shout 14.8 million years ago. Moldavites have long been prized as talismans of spiritual power and appeared in amulets 25,000 years old. In legend it has been connected with the fabled Stone of the Holy Grail, said to be an emerald that fell from the sky.

Metaphysically, Moldavite is said to accelerate the path of one’s inner evolution, clearing blockages and allowing for the attraction of all aspects of one’s highest good. It may facilitate the opening of the chakras, especially the heart, third eye, and crown. Often its energy is first felt as warmth or a tingling sensation. Among those sensitive to stone energies, Moldavite is widely regarded as among the most powerful stones For consciousness expansion and spiritual growth.

Keeping Moldavite close by expands the magnitude and scope of vibrational spectrums accessible.

  • Type: Incense Sticks
  • Approx. Count per Box: 20 Sticks

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